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How can I recognize the quality of an Iberian ham?

  • The help of the seller who should know perfectly the hams he sells and be able to advise us.
  • That the brand is known and can serve as a guarantee when choosing our ham.
  • The weight of the ham plays a role. The ideal is between 7kg and 8kg. The reason is the curing of the ham. The normal thing is that a 100% Iberian acorn-fed or acorn-fed Iberian ham has a cure of 36/42 months. If the ham weighs less than 7kg it will be difficult for it to be cured for 36 months since it would dry out and if it weighs more than 8kg it will need more months of curing and it is easy for areas more cured than others to appear and some inside with a lack of curing.
  • That the ham has already accepted the new quality regulations and has its corresponding color flange:
    Blanca if it is a bait ham.
    Green if it is a field bait ham.
    Red if the ham is acorn.
    Black if we are before a 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham. It may be called Iberian ham "Black leg

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