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Who is Iberañez?

The idea of starting this project is more emotional than business, hence the brand makes reference to my Castilian roots north of Segovia, in Miguelañez. In this town of “Castilla la Vieja” I spent my childhood and with the passing of the years, I return to it continuously as a way of sprouting again from the roots, searching for the quintessence that you long for when you spend a long time in the big city . A commitment to the roots that gives wings to those who follow us. 

Behind this project, there are many years dedicated to the meat sector, trying to improve the quality of the product from its origins. Starting with the health of the cattle huts, and collaborating side by side with farmers, ranchers who have pastures in the south-west of Spain, industrialists in the sector dedicated to the manufacture of feed and others dedicated to the production of hams and other products. cured meat. A process of continuous improvement that allows to improve even more, if possible, the quality of the final product and that it reaches the consumer in optimal conditions to delight the most demanding palates.

This project also has the vocation to reach people of all types and conditions. For this reason, the product is and will be affordable for all budgets and will reach all those who from different places make up the new global village. Food safety is an increasingly strong consumer demand, to such an extent that it is modifying consumption habits. I believe that those projects that achieve a convergence between safety, health, quality and productivity will be winners and I have always put my effort into this. This project has its own identity without taking away anyone's site and I thank you in advance for all the support, suggestions and ideas that you give me to improve the initial idea.

Thank you all very much for your commitment.


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